Game Store(Multi)
iOS, Android, Xamarin, and Cordova

4 different implementations for product management.

1. Introduction

1.1 Game Store Web Application

I have a portfolio named ‘Online Game Store’ which is built with ASP.NET MVC in C#. It’s an online store for selling game facilities. Visit the Live Demo on Azure. image
There is one core functionality for the store administrator, managing products. image

1.2 Game Store Mobile Apps

Compared with the existing Game Store web application, the mobile apps have only one simple function, product management.

2. Apps

I built four mobile apps with multiple different technologies. Apart from the native apps(iOS and Android), I also built another two apps(also targeting iOS and Android platforms) with cross-platform mobile development tool - Xamarin.

  • Native iOS App
  • Native Android App
  • Xamarin iOS App
  • Xamarin Android App
Dev Tools Simulator Product List Product Detail Product Deletion
iOS(Native) image image image image
Android(Native) image image image image
iOS(Xamarin) image image image image
Android(Xamarin) image image image image

3. Under the Hood

Read the following tutorials to learn the details how these mobile apps were built.

4. Source Files