Android, Java, Android Studio, and Genymotion

An Android App for searching restaurants, built with Java.

1. Function

This Android app is used to search restaurants, view details and submit comments. The available features are listed below.

  • User Authentication - Sign Up, Sign In.
  • Restaurants - Grouped by category(Restaurant, Dessert, CoffeeTea, Bakeries and IceCream).
  • Search - Search restaurants by name.
  • Feedback - Submit Comments and Ratings.
  • Screen - Portrait Orientation, Landscape Orientation, Tablet screen is also supported.
  • Dynamic Data - All data are fetched from backend RESTful services.

2. Home screen

2.1 Restaurant List

Each restaurant has a specific icon based on its category. Tap on any of them, the restaurant detail shows up. index

2.2 Restaurant Detail

The detail screen displays pictures, address, rating and comments. You can submit ratings and add comments to share your experience after login the app.

  • Touch on the star bar to submit your rating.
  • Click on the ‘Write Comment’ button and fill out your comments.
Restaurant Details Write Comments
detail detail

3. Searching

Click the ‘Search’ button on the menu bar, input the keyword and press Enter. The list will show the search result.

Search Button Search Result
searchbutton search

4. User Function

Register as new user and login to submit rating or review.

Sign Up Login
signup signin

5. View in Landscape Mode

Rotate the screen to landscape mode, the layout still looks pretty. landscape

6. View in Tablet

Large Screen size is supported by default. The biggest difference is that the details screen is displayed along with the list view screen. You are able to see all of the contents on one screen. pad
If you change the rating value at the right side, you will see the effect at the left side immediately. pad2

7. RESTful Services

The backend data server is built with ASP.NET MVC, which provides RESTful APIs. You can simulate the register, login and logout function here. And four main APIs are available.

  • Get restaurant list
  • Get restaurant by id
  • Set rating
  • Set comments


8. Source Files