Shoe Store(ASP.NET)
ASP.NET MVC, C#, and Bootstrap

An online store website with responsive UI, built with ASP.NET MVC in C#.

This web application is a content management system(CMS), built with ASP.NET MVC in C# language. SQL Server is used for data persistence.

1. Function Features

  • Responsive UI for different screen size
  • Uniform page for ‘List’ Page and ‘Add’ Page
  • Mass Edit on list page
  • Many flexible settings are provided, menu control, access control, etc.
  • Dynamic Access Control with Role and Permission Bindings

2. Technical Features

  • Entity Framework (Database First)
  • SQL Server for persistence
  • ASP.Net Identity: User and Role, Admin Area
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Ninject for Dependency Injection

3. UI Pages

3.1 Login Page


3.2 List View

In list view, we can view all of the items, and add/edit/delete item. Other list pages have the similar layout. image

3.3 Responsive UI for Different Screen Size

View in large size screen. image View in small size screen, eg. mobile phone.

3.4 List of Sales Order

Add, edit, delete and search order. image

3.5 New Order

Add order items. image

4. Source Files