Trip Planner(iOS)
iOS, Swift, and XCode

An iOS App for managing itineraries, built with Swift.

1. Function

This iOS app is used to manage your trip plan. The available features are listed below.

  • Trip Management - Create, Update, Delete trip.
  • My Favorites - Save city to your favorite list.
  • My Location - Show coordinates of current location in map.
  • Search - Search new destinations.
  • Settings - Change configuration for the app.

2. Home screen

This app contains three tabs: Me, Search and Settings.

2.1 New Trip

Create new trip for your next travel.

New Trip -> Destination New Trip -> Flights, Hotel, etc.
newtrip1 newtrip2

2.2 My Trips

A list shows all your trip plans. You can share any trip to others via message, email or Facebook, etc.

My Trip List Share Tip
trips share

2.3 My Favorites & My Location

‘My Favorites’ contains the cities which you added into favorite list previously. ‘My Location’ shows the exact coordinates of your current location.

My Favorites My Location
favorite location

You are able to search your next destination through geographical location.

Search -> Choose Continent Continent -> Choose Country Country -> Choose City
search countrylist citylist

3.2 City

After choosing the city, you will find lots of useful information, such as map, local time, local weather, famous sights, etc. Add the city to the favorite list if you like.

City -> Brief Introduction City -> More Detail
city city2

4. Settings

Some configurations for the app. settings

5. Source Files