Code Editor(React)

A full stack web application for online programming, built with React and Express.

1. Code Editor

This application is used for online coding. After selecting the programming language, you can start to write code. Below are the highlighted features.

  • Five programming languages are supported, including c, c++, java, javascript and python.
  • Syntax highlighting for different languages.
  • Compilation and execution are supported. The proper result or error message will be displayed.

2. Demo

Two available demos:

Note: The demo websites may be slow when you access them for the first time. Be patient!

3. UI

Home page. image Select javascript from the dropdown list. Notice, only javascript and python are supported on Heroku. If you run this application locally, then all 5 languages are supported. image Edit the code and click ‘Run’ button to execute the program. image If the code has issue and can’t run properly, the error will be displayed. image

4. Under the Hood

Check posting Building Online Code Editor with React and Express to learn the details of how this code editor is built.

5. Source Files