1144. Data Structure - Directed Graph - Draft
Directed Graph and Topological Sorting

Implement directed graph.

1. Directed Graph

A directed graph (or digraph) is a set of vertices and a collection of directed edges that each connects an ordered pair of vertices. We say that a directed edge points from the first vertex in the pair and points to the second vertex in the pair. We use the names 0 through V-1 for the vertices in a V-vertex graph.

2. Topological Sorting

Out-degree and In-degree

Given a digraph, put the vertices in order such that all its directed edges point from a vertex earlier in the order to a vertex later in the order (or report that doing so is not possible). Topological.java solves this problem using depth-first search. Remarkably, a reverse postorder in a DAG provides a topological order.

3. Detect Cycle in a Directed Graph

Given a directed graph, check whether the graph contains a cycle or not. Your function should return true if the given graph contains at least one cycle, else return false. For example, the following graph contains three cycles 0->2->0, 0->1->2->0 and 3->3, so your function must return true.

4. Classic Problems

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