8760. Authenticating Users with Passport - Draft
React and Nodejs

Introduce how to implement authentication for web application hosted by express.

Setting up Passport When setting up Passport, you’ll need to do three things: 1 Set up the Passport middleware. This is pretty easy. 2 Tell Passport how to serialize and deserialize users. This is a short amount of code that effectively translates a user’s session into an actual user object. 3 Tell Passport how to authenticate users. In this case, this is the bulk

middlewares body-parser—parses HTML forms

  • cookie-parser—handles the parsing of cookies from browsers and is required for user sessions
  • express-session—Stores user sessions across different browsers
  • connect-flash—Shows error messages
  • passport.initialize—Initializes the Passport module (as you’ll learn)
  • passport.session—Handles Passport sessions (as you’ll learn) You’ve already included some of these middlewares: body-parser, cookie-

TDD: RED, GREEN, REFACTOR Mocha testing framework Chai

integration tests ->SuperTest https://www.npmjs.com/package/supertest

Cheerio, jQuery in node https://github.com/cheeriojs/cheerio

5. Reference