2024. Git Configuration
Git and GitHub

Basic Git configuration.

1. Configuration Levels

Level Configuration File Command
System /etc/gitconfig git config –system
User ~/.gitconfig git config –global
Project my_project/.git/config git config

2. Git auto-completion

1) Go to https://github.com/git/git/tree/master/contrib/completion, download git-completion.bash.
2) Save the file to user’s root directory, eg. /Users/Johnny
3) Add the following lines to the bottom of .bash_profile.

if [ -f ~/.git-completion.bash ]; then
   source ~/.git-completion.bash

4) Open a new terminal, try to type git h and hit TAB, auto completion will work and make the command to git help.

3. Git help

Type git help to get the help document. To get document for a specific command, just append the command name, eg. git help branch.

4. Git Concepts and Architecture

4.1 Three Trees

  • working
  • staging index
  • repository

Change status between trees. image

7. References