9712. Converting Microsoft Word to Markdown
Markdown and Writage

Use Microsoft Word to create Markdown documents.

1. Background

After I setup this personal website on github, I have keep posting blogs and portfolios for a while. It’s great to use Markdown to edit page content. However, it is not easy to add images into the page.

Apart from Atom, I’m also using Microsoft Word for editing my website. I wonder whether there is a tool to convert Word format(.docx) to Markdown format(.md). It’s not hard to find such tool Writage. Actually, it is a plugin for Microsoft Word.

2. How to get it?

Download Writage from http://www.writage.com/. Before install it, you need to install Pandoc first.

3. How it works?

You can edit docx file as usual, and save it to markdown(.md) file. The styles in the word will be kept in markdown file. It is just so simple and easy to use. Another reason why I like it so much is that it can export images with the same size as in Word. This saves me lots of time to edit the pictures. Sometimes, you see few images in your posting are too large and make the page looks ugly. It’s better to resize these images. For example, change their width from 1024px to 600px and keep the proportion with height. Hope you enjoy this tool as well.

4. Additional Sharing

If you have budget, you can try Caret MarkDown Editor, https://caret.io/.

Besides, don’t forget to check Markdown-Cheatsheet to learn how to use Markdown to edit your document.