8501. Mobile App Development
iOS, Android, Cordova, and Xamarin

Introduce the major ways to create mobile apps.

1. Solutions

1.1 Native

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone(Obsolete)

1.2 Cross-Platform

  • Xamarin
  • Cordova

2. Common Knowledge

2.1 Development Tools

Tools to write code with, build, compile and release apps. Including Text Editors, IDEs and Simulators.

2.2 Simulators

  • iOS simulator
  • Android simulator
  • Genymotion

2.3 UI Design

xml, storyboard

2.4 Data Persistence

Save data locally for the app or save it to remote server, or use both two approaches.

2.5 Remote API

RSETful Web Service.

3. Development

  Language IDE UI Design Simulator Data Persistence
iOS Objective C/Swift xcode storyboard iOS Simulator Local/Remote
Android Java Android Studio fragment Android Simulator/Genymotion Local/Remote
Xamarin C# Visual Studio + xcode storyboard Platform specific Local/Remote
Cordova HTML + JS Visual Studio Code html + CSS Platform specific Local/Remote

4. Tutorials

5. Reference